One Day Conference – Seeing Politics through Intermediation and Intermediaries


We are pleased to invite you to this one day conference to be held at EHESS on 13th of December

13th December
9h00 to 17h00

54 Boulevard Raspail,75006, Paris

Salle A07_37

This study-day is about exploring the conceptual expanse of intermediation at local, national and international scales. The neo-liberal transformation of regimes of accumulation greatly affected the arrangement of political and state power (Jessop, 2007), functional logics of political actors, governance mechanisms and international diplomacy. Simultaneously, the type of competencies demanded in these fields also adapted to this new configuration. In the process, forms, meanings, and roles of intermediaries morphed into a mass of actors ranging from individuals (brokers, patrons, fixers) to NGOs (national and transnational) and Think-Tanks to nation-states. In this study-day, researchers will present their work about envisioning intermediation, not as a peripheral activity but something that connects different fields and scales of socio-political activity together. The sinews of intermediation connect the citizens with the state, policies with governments, ideas with political imaginaries and fields of domestic policy and politics with international diplomacy and migration management.

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